Rathnam Movie Movierulez 2024 Review Details

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Rathnam Movie Trailer Vishal Movierulez.
Rathnam – Official Trailer
Movie NameRathnam
CastVishal, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Samuthirakani, Yogibabu, Gautham Vasudev Menon
MusicDevi Sri Prasad
Director of Photography (DOP)M Sukumar
Stunt CoordinatorsKanal Kannan, Peter Hein, Dhilip Subbrayan, Vicky
Art DirectorP V Balaji
EditorT S Jay
Public Relations Officer (PRO)Nikil Murukan (Tamil), Sai Sathish (Telugu)
Production ControllerGanesh PS
Production CoordinatorRajkumar
Executive ProducerAshok Narayanan M
Associate ProducerPavan Narendra
Co-ProducersKalyan Subramaniam Alankar Pandian (Invenio Origin)
Produced byKaarthekeyen Santhanam, Zee Studios
Audio OnAditya Music
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Movierulez Review Team.
Movie TitleRathnam (2024)
Box OfficeEstimated ₹14.5 crore (Indian Rupees)
Rathnam Est Budget and Collection 2024.

Rathnam (2024): A Fading Echo of Masala Magic

In Rathnam, Vishal reunites with director Hari for another round of high-octane action. While the film delivers on the action front, it struggles to stand out in a crowded genre, relying too heavily on familiar tropes and failing to carve out its own identity.

A Familiar Song, Sung Off-Key

The plot follows Rathnam, played by Vishal, a son of a vegetable vendor who finds himself embroiled in the world of local rowdies and politics. His loyalty to Paneer Selvam (Samuthirakani), a powerful figure, forms the crux of the story. Unfortunately, the film falls short in exploring the complexities of their relationship, leaving it feeling underdeveloped and lacking depth.

Action Excess and Narrative Shortfall

Rathnam boasts some impressive action sequences, including a noteworthy single-shot fight scene. However, the relentless violence becomes somewhat monotonous, especially when the narrative fails to provide meaningful context or emotional resonance to accompany the bloodshed.

Humor Lost in Translation

The film’s attempts at humor, spearheaded by Yogi Babu and other comedians, miss the mark. The comedic interludes feel forced and out of place, disrupting the flow of the story rather than adding to it.

A Flicker of Promise, Extinguished

Despite its shortcomings, Rathnam does have its moments. Vishal delivers a commendable performance, channeling his action hero persona with conviction. Director Hari also shows glimpses of attempting to break away from his usual formula, but these efforts are overshadowed by the film’s overall predictability and lack of emotional depth.

Final Verdict: A Forgettable Masala Mix

While Rathnam may satisfy die-hard fans of hardcore action, it falls short of leaving a lasting impression. For viewers seeking a more engaging narrative or emotional resonance, this film may prove to be a disappointment. It’s a passable time-filler, but ultimately fades into the background amidst the plethora of masala entertainers.

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