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Music Shop Murthy (2024): A Heartwarming Tale with Room for Melody

Music Shop Murthy, the 2024 Telugu film, isn’t your typical high-octane weekend movie. Instead, it’s a feel-good melody, a heartwarming story about passion, family, and pursuing your dreams even when the odds are against you.

Plot Summary

The film centers around Murthy, a kind-hearted man who runs a quaint music shop. However, times are changing, and his shop struggles to compete with the digital age. With his family nudging him towards a more practical career path, Murthy remains steadfast in his love for music.

The twist comes when Murthy decides to venture into DJing, a modern contrast to his traditional music roots. This leap of faith throws him into a world far removed from his comfort zone. Ajay Ghosh delivers a captivating performance as Murthy, using his expressive eyes and nuanced acting to perfectly capture the character’s determination and vulnerability.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The film’s strength lies in its emotional core. Director Siva Paladugu weaves a poignant message about perseverance and the importance of holding onto your dreams. There are moments that will tug at your heartstrings, especially as Murthy faces numerous challenges and bouts of self-doubt.

However, the narrative can feel somewhat predictable at times. The storyline unfolds in a familiar manner, and some scenes might leave viewers wanting more depth. Additionally, while the music is decent, it doesn’t quite reach the heights needed to elevate the film’s emotional impact fully.

Performance and Direction

Ajay Ghosh shines in the role of Murthy, delivering a heartfelt performance that anchors the film. His portrayal makes Murthy a relatable and endearing character. The supporting cast, including Chandini Chowdary, adds to the film’s charm, particularly in the more heartwarming scenes.

Final Verdict

Despite its shortcomings, Music Shop Murthy is a charming watch, particularly for a laid-back family movie night. The film’s message of chasing your dreams resonates well, and Ghosh’s performance is a highlight. If you’re looking for a heartwarming story with a touch of humor, Music Shop Murthy might just strike the right chord.


Music Shop Murthy is a feel-good film with a relatable protagonist and a message that will stay with you. While the plot might not surprise you, the emotional core and strong performances make it a worthwhile watch, especially for those who appreciate heartwarming stories.

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