Malayalee From India Movie Movierulez 2024 Review Details

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Malayalee From India Review Details. Movierulez
Malayalee from India – Official Teaser
DirectorDijo Jose Antony
WriterSharis Mohammed
ProducerListin Stephen
Production CompanyMagic Frames
Co-ProducerJustin Stephen
Director of Photography (DOP)Sudeep Elamon
Line ProducerSanthosh Krishnan
Editor and ColoristSreejith Sarang
Music and BGMJakes Bejoy
Production DesignerPrasanth Madhav
Art DirectorAkhilraj Chirayil
Executive ProducerNaveen P Thomas
Chief Associate DirectorBinto Stephen
MakeupRonex Xavier
Costume DesignerSameera Saneesh
Production ControllerGireesh Kodungallur
ThrillsBilla Jagan, Asharaf Gurukkal
Sound DesignSync Cinema
Final MixingRajakrishnan M R
Administration and Distribution HeadBabin Babu
Production In chargeAkhil Yesodharan
StillsPremlal Pattazhy
MarketingBinu Bringforth
Movierulez Review of malayalee from india.

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Movie TitleMalayalee From India (2024)
Box Office₹12.65 crore worldwide (approximately $1.5 million USD)
BudgetNot available
Malayalee from india Movie Review Budget.

Malayalee From India: A Nivin Pauly Charmer Falters in Identity

“Malayalee From India,” the latest offering starring the ever-charming Nivin Pauly, is a film with good intentions that struggles to find its footing. Directed by Dijo Jose Antony, the movie attempts to be a lighthearted exploration of identity, patriotism, and the Malayalee experience, but ends up being a mixed bag.

A Confusing Journey:
Pauly plays Aalparambil Gopi, a jobless man in his late thirties navigating life’s uncertainties. The film starts with Gopi’s involvement in local politics and a budding romance with Krishna (Anaswara Rajan). However, the narrative takes a sharp turn, leaving the political threads dangling and whisking Gopi away to a camel farm in the Middle East. This tonal shift is jarring, leaving viewers wondering where the film is headed.

Sincere Performances:
Despite the haphazard plot, Pauly delivers a sincere performance. He injects Gopi with a likeable vulnerability that resonates with the audience. Dhyan Sreenivasan is equally impressive as Gopi’s friend, providing much-needed comedic relief with their on-screen chemistry. Manju Pillai shines as Gopi’s mother, her portrayal adding a layer of warmth and authenticity to the narrative.

Heavy-Handed Themes:
The film’s attempt at social commentary is commendable. It touches upon the complexities of religious divides and the current political climate in Kerala. However, these themes are often delivered through heavy-handed dialogues and melodramatic situations. The humor, while present, can be uneven, with some jokes landing flat.

Technical Competence:
Technically, the film is competent. The visuals are pleasant, capturing the beauty of Kerala’s landscapes. The music, by Shaan Rahman, is decent but lacks the memorability of some of his earlier work.

Is It Worth Watching?
For die-hard Nivin Pauly fans, the movie offers a chance to see him in a familiar, charming role. However, those seeking a more cohesive narrative or deeper exploration of its themes might be left disappointed.

Final Verdict:
Ultimately, “Malayalee From India” is a watchable one-time experience. It has its moments, particularly when Pauly and Sreenivasan share the screen. However, the lack of a focused story and the heavy-handed messaging prevent it from reaching its full potential.

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