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Laandhar (2024): A Flickering Flame – A Review

Laandhar, the 2024 Tamil crime thriller directed by Sajisaleem, plunges viewers into a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game between Inspector Aravind (Vidarth) and a ruthless serial killer. While the premise shows potential, the film struggles to ignite a spark, leaving audiences with a feeling of unfulfilled promise.

A Familiar Plot with Spotty Execution

The storyline centers on a string of brutal murders gripping the city. Aravind, driven to apprehend the culprit, faces personal turmoil when his wife, Jaanu, mysteriously disappears. As Aravind races against time to rescue her, the intensity of the hunt escalates.

Laandhar treads familiar ground with its cop-on-the-hunt narrative. Unfortunately, it lacks fresh twists or innovative elements to distinguish itself. The screenplay suffers from inconsistencies, disrupting the narrative flow with abrupt shifts between Aravind’s investigation, Jaanu’s perspective, and flashbacks of other characters. This disjointed approach hampers viewer engagement and emotional connection.

Performances Keep the Flame Glimmering

Despite its narrative challenges, Laandhar benefits from commendable performances. Vidarth portrays Aravind with conviction, effectively capturing his determination and vulnerability. Sahana Manju impresses as Jaanu, bringing depth to her character within limited screen time. The supporting cast, including Nakul and Swetha Dorathy, deliver solid performances that bolster the film’s credibility.

Technical Aspects Provide a Steady Glow

Technically, Laandhar holds its ground. Praveen’s background score enhances suspense, complementing Gnanasowndar’s proficient camerawork. The visuals are crisp and contribute effectively to the film’s atmospheric tone.

A Flickering Flame That Fails to Ignite

Laandhar avoids being a total disappointment, thanks to watchable performances and competent technical execution. However, its predictable plot and inconsistent screenplay prevent it from achieving greatness. If you’re in search of an innovative crime thriller, Laandhar may not satisfy your expectations. Nevertheless, for viewers seeking a mildly engaging mystery with solid performances, it could serve as a passable one-time watch.

Final Verdict: An average crime thriller with predictable storytelling and uneven writing. While watchable performances and decent technical execution provide some saving grace, Laandhar falls short of leaving a lasting impact.

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