Kurangu Pedal Movie Movierulez 2024 Review Details

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Trailer of Kurangu Pedal Movie, Movierulez Team.
Movie TitleStarringDirectorProducerMusic ComposerProduction Banner
Pyar Ke Do NaamBhavya Sachdeva, Ankita Sahu, Achal Tankwal, Kanika Gauttam, Riney Aryaa, Namita Lal, Roma Navani, Dipti Mishra, Sherani Sb, Abdur Rahman, F. S. ShiraniDanish JavedVijay Goel, Danish Javed, Shahab AllahabadiJocular Entertainments
The ProofSai Dhanshika, Rudhvir Vadhan, Ashok, Riythvika, Indraja, Mime Gopi, Marimuthu, Raja Simhan, AshmithaI.RadhikaGolden Studios, GomathiR.P Dheepak
Prasanna VadanamSuhas, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Nandu, Viva Harsha, Nitin Prasanna, Sai Swetha, KushaliniArjun Y KManikanta J S, Prasad Reddy T RVijay Bulganin
Kurangu PedalSanthosh Velmurugan, V.R.Ragavan, M.Gnanasekar, Rathish, Sai Ganesh, Kaali Venkat, Prasanna Balachander, Jenson DiwakarKamalaKannanSivakarthikeyan, Savitha Shanmugam, SuMee BaskaranGhibran VaibodhaSivakarthikeyan Productions, Montage Pictures
Movierulez Review Team, Kurangu Pedal.

Kurangu Pedal (2024): Reliving Childhood Dreams

Dive into the nostalgia of yesteryears with “Kurangu Pedal,” a heartwarming Tamil film that takes you on a journey back to simpler times. Set in the 1980s in a small village of Salem, the movie follows Mariyappan (Santhosh Velmurugan) and his friends as they embark on a quest to master the art of cycling.

Director Kamalakannan paints a vivid picture of childhood innocence and camaraderie, where even the smallest achievements hold great significance. Learning to ride a bicycle becomes a symbol of freedom and independence in their close-knit community.

Beyond the joy of cycling, “Kurangu Pedal” delves into the complexities of family relationships, particularly the bond between Mariyappan and his father, Kandhasamy (Kaali Venkat). Their journey is filled with unspoken emotions and the weight of unfulfilled dreams, portrayed with subtlety and depth.

While the film’s heartwarming premise shines through, the pacing can feel uneven at times, and some scenes may linger longer than necessary. Yet, amidst these minor setbacks, the movie offers plenty of delightful moments, including the endearing antics of a hilarious drunkard (Jenson Dhiwakar).

The performances are another standout aspect, with Santhosh Velmurugan and Kaali Venkat delivering compelling portrayals of their respective characters. The authenticity of the young cast adds to the film’s charm, bringing the village to life.

“Kurangu Pedal” doesn’t shy away from portraying the social realities of the time, subtly addressing economic disparities and the challenges faced by underprivileged children.

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming film that blends nostalgia with touching family drama, “Kurangu Pedal” is a must-watch. Despite its slightly long runtime, the movie offers a rewarding journey that will leave you with a warm glow in your heart.

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