Krishnamma Movie Movierulez 2024 Review Details

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Krishnamma Movie movierulez
Movie TitleKrishnamma
StarringSatya Dev, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Athira Raj, Laxman Meesala
Directed byV V Gopala Krishna
Produced byKrishna Kommalapati
PresentsKoratala Shiva
BannerArunachala Creations
Written & Directed byV V Gopala Krishna
DOPSunny Kurapati
Music DirectorKaala Bhairava
EditorTammiraju B
Art DirectorRaam Kumar
LyricsAnanth Sriram
Executive ProducerRavi Surneddi
StuntsPrdhvi Shekar
PROVamsi Kaka
Digital PRONani
Digital PartnerFirst Show, Whackedout Media
LabelSaregama India Limited, A RPSG Group Company
Release DateNot Specified
Krishnamm Review Details of movierulez.

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Krishnamma (2024): A Tale of Brotherhood Marred by Uneven Execution

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

“Krishnamma,” a Telugu film released in 2024, delves into the themes of brotherhood and revenge. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Vijayawada, the story revolves around three orphans: Bhadra (Satyadev), Shiva (Krishnateja), and Koti (Meesala Lakshman). Their inseparable bond and desire for a better life drive the narrative.

Plot and Characters

The film begins by establishing the deep bond between the friends, highlighting their contrasting paths. Bhadra and Koti engage in petty crimes to survive, while Shiva, running a printing press, aspires to lead an honest life. This initial setup, although slow, lays the groundwork for the dramatic events that follow.

The plot takes a sharp turn when a major twist throws their lives into chaos, pushing Bhadra onto a path of vengeance. Satyadev’s portrayal of Bhadra is a highlight, capturing the character’s vulnerability and simmering anger with finesse. Meesala Lakshman adds a touch of humor as Koti, providing a necessary balance to the intense storyline.

Direction and Cinematography

Director VV Gopala Krishna effectively captures the essence of Vijayawada, bringing the city’s energy and atmosphere to life. The visuals are striking and add depth to the narrative. However, the film struggles with pacing, especially in the first half, which feels stretched and slow.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While “Krishnamma” has its strengths, it also faces significant challenges. The screenplay attempts to explore deep themes of injustice and retribution but often loses focus. The emphasis on corrupt police and legal systems overshadows the personal journeys of the protagonists, diluting the emotional impact.

The second half of the film picks up pace, featuring emotionally charged scenes as Bhadra seeks justice. However, the rush towards a conclusion leaves the audience wanting more. The climax, crucial for a revenge drama, feels underdeveloped and fails to deliver a satisfying payoff.

Overall Impression

“Krishnamma” is a well-intentioned film with strong performances, particularly from Satyadev. The portrayal of brotherhood and the quest for justice are engaging, but the film’s inconsistent narrative and hurried conclusion hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Final Verdict

“Krishnamma” offers a glimpse into the lives of three friends bound by fate and driven by revenge. It’s a decent watch for fans of revenge dramas and those who appreciate strong character performances. However, viewers should manage their expectations, as the film’s uneven pacing and underdeveloped climax may leave them wanting more. If you’re looking for a movie that combines brotherhood with intense drama, “Krishnamma” might just fit the bill.

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