Geethanjali Malli Vachindi Movie Movierulez 2024 Review Details

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Geethanjali Malli Vachindi Movierulez.

Geethanjali Malli Vachindi (2024): A Spooky Letdown

“Geethanjali Malli Vachindi,” the much-anticipated sequel to the 2014 horror-comedy hit, struggles to recapture the charm and humor of the original. Despite the return of familiar faces and an attempt to blend scares with laughs, the film ultimately disappoints on both fronts.

Plot Overview

The story follows a film crew that decides to shoot their new movie in a haunted mansion. What begins as a humorous exploration of the supernatural quickly turns dark as real paranormal activity starts to mimic their script. Anjali reprises her role as Geethanjali, the ghost central to the plot, but her screen time feels noticeably limited compared to the first film.


  1. Nostalgic Value: For fans of the original “Geethanjali,” seeing Anjali back in her ghostly role brings a sense of nostalgia. Her performance remains a highlight, though it is underutilized.


  1. Weak Comedy: The comedic timing, a strength of the original, falls flat here. Many jokes feel recycled, relying heavily on slapstick humor that fails to hit the mark. Even talented comedians like Satya and Sunil struggle to elevate the material.
  2. Predictable Scares: The horror elements are disappointingly predictable. The film relies on clich├ęd jump scares and standard ghostly apparitions that offer little in terms of genuine fright. The climax, intended to be suspenseful, feels rushed and fails to deliver the intended impact.
  3. Technical Issues: While the cinematography is decent, the overall production values appear low-budget. The music does little to enhance the spooky atmosphere, and the choppy editing disrupts the narrative flow, making the film feel disjointed.

Overall Impression

“Geethanjali Malli Vachindi” had the potential to be a compelling sequel, but it falls short due to a weak script, lackluster scares, and forgettable humor. The film fails to build on the strengths of its predecessor, leaving the audience with a sense of missed opportunity.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: This film might serve as a passable diversion for die-hard fans of the original, but for most viewers, there are far better horror-comedy options available.

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